Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Early

I've learned from camping that certain places book up really early....but there is a trick to getting the site you want!

For Ft. Desoto Campground in Pinellas County, non-Pinellas county residents can book 6 months to the day you plan to camp. In order to get a water front site, you have to plan.

Go online to Pinellas County - Ft. Desoto and check out the campsites. They have pictures and dimensions of every campsite. Pick a few you would like to reserve. Keep careful watch on the reservation window and then the day it opens up, get up at midnight to book it. Pinellas County opens reservations at 12:00am. This is the only way I have been able to book a waterfront site.

If you choose the pet loop, the sites that run along the back (no seawall) are nicest for canoes and kayaks. Otherwise, you have to put them in the water over the seawall. It can be done, but not nearly as easy as just having them right on your campsite.

For Florida State parks, you can book up to 11 months ahead of your desired time. Their booking opens at 8:00am. Places in the Florida Keys and Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine stay booked pretty much year round. Some of the Florida State Parks have now put pictures of their campsites on the Reserve America page if you download the special plug in. It is totally worth it!

Which is exactly why I am writing this blog post...waiting on 8:00am to book site 16 at Curry Hammock State Park for NEXT YEAR...yes....June 30, 2012 - July 7, 2012.

Also, for Florida State Parks, if you want a certain spot and there are no reservations available, check around 8:00am everyday. That is when cancelled reservations are released.

Camping at the good places does take some planning, but it can be done!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Memorial Day & 4th of July

For Memorial Day & 4th of July weekend, we headed over to Ft. Desoto again. This is quickly becoming our second favorite place to camp (next to Ft. Wilderness of course!!)

Both weekends were hot and full of bugs but we still had a great time. You can't beat the campsites directly on the water....especially with fishing and canoeing. And now, we want to get a couple of kayaks as well!

On the 4th weekend, my good friend and her two boys camped one night with us. They had never gone camping before!

View of the back of our campsite, Site 103

View of the water from our campsite, Site 103

Kids feeding a squirrel. They are very friendly.

Canoe riding at low tide, this is directly behind our campsite (Site 107) There is a seawall but it is fairly easy to get the canoe in and out. And is perfect for fishing!!

Backside of our campsite Memorial Day Weekend, Site 107.

Memorial Day Weekend - Site 107, Ft. DeSoto
July 4th Weekend - Site 103, Ft. DeSoto

Upcoming Trips:
August 26-September 3, Ft. Wilderness
September 10, Ft. Wilderness (1 night for Night of Joy)
October 21-23, Ft. Desoto Campground, Site 135
November 23-27, Ft. Wilderness
December 30 - January 2, Ft. DeSoto Campground, Site 150
June 30, 2012 - July 7, 2012 - Curry Hammock State Park, Florida Keys
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