Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Trip!

It seems like forever since we closed on our new Passport 290BH that we bought at Lazydays! But finally.....our time for camping came. We left on September 11th to head over to Ft. Wilderness Campground at Disney World!

We headed over around 11am and got to the campground around 12:30 or so. We figured it would take a little longer since we were towing for the first time. The first big surprise came when at check in the cast member checking us in informed us that we had been upgraded to a...get this....Premium site! We were not expecting that at all (I only booked a full hookup). The all concrete pad was so nice and we were really close to the marina (not so close to the pools) but that was OK - we have our bikes!

Here we are in the 400 loop - Site 427. It was a very nice site! We met one fellow DISer (The Lug). The loop was small which was wonderful for the kids to ride their bikes on. There were also plenty of kids around (now Caleb wants an electric scooter for Christmas).

I love the Fort because there is plenty to do without even leaving the campground! Here is Mark and the kids goofy off in the kiddie pool area. This was obviously during the week when hardly anyone was around!

Caught a good picture of my hubby going down the slide! He loves to be silly for pictures.

Delena going down the slide. She always enjoys the pool at the Fort.

More pictures of our campsite - 427. We had really nice neighbors around and enjoyed this loop very much. I have to not get used to upgrades like this!

Pool party at the Fort! Delena actually won this hoola hoop competition. She got up to three hoola hoops and outlasted all the other kids.

This trip was neat because both Caleb and Taya were able to ride some rides they previously had not been able too. Caleb finally hit 48" and was able to ride Primeval Whirl in Animal Kingdom. Taya rode Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Test Track, Soarin and Dinosaur.

Taya had a blast on the slides. Her goofy swimming sometimes gave the lifeguards heart attacks. She likes to swim to the bottom and then swim out of the current, I can't tell you how many times the lifeguards were ready to jump in the pool after her!!

What trip to EPCOT would be complete without the kids pictures in the mouth of Bruce??

Caleb is in love here! A yellow Camaro at EPCOT. I had to pry him away from the car - crazy Bumblebee..

Friday evening, our friends came over to the Fort to camp the last two nights with us! Somehow they managed to talk Disney into the upgrade also and got the campsite right next to us. We had so much fun with them. They have a super nice Laredo by Keystone. Kinda makes our camper look a bit cheesy, but thats OK :)

Taya moved up to a 16" bike right before the trip. She did so well riding around. One thing we love about the Fort - the biking!

No trip to the Fort would be complete without a few long and nice bike rides. There is an awesome trail leading from the Fort over to the Wilderness Lodge. On occasion we see some wildlife....this night it was all about deer. We capture this deer crossing the road at the Wilderness Lodge.

These deer were on the trail. We had just started on the trail when we saw them. There were about 5 in all and a baby. So cool to see!!

And of course, Chip & Dale's singalong!

All in all the trip was amazing. We really enjoyed our camper. Had a few things happen though.

The first night, Caleb flooded the whole thing. He was washing his hands in the bathroom and the plug was in the sink. The water filled up that tiny little sink rather quickly and poured out all over the floor. He screamed and we ran in to find water gushing out of the bathroom. I shut the water off and got to cleaning up the mess....luckily no damage!

We are still trying to get used to the proper way to flush out the tanks. We had a few nice odors creeping in where things were caught in the sewer lines.

Then Sunday morning as we were packing up to leave, we discovered a leak under the kitchen sink. That will require a Lazydays visit for repairs.

Our first trip is definitely a learning experience. I hope we get more efficient as time goes on so that camping isn't as much work. I'm sure once we have the camper properly outfitted, it won't be such a chore.

Our next adventure begins on Friday, October 22. This is mine and Mark's 14th wedding anniversary so it is a solo trip to Ft. Wilderness....can't wait....

Until the next adventure!

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