Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year's Trip

For New Year's Eve, we camped for the first time at Ft. DeSoto park in Pinellas County.

Now, the campground isn't exactly Disney! It isn't nearly as clean and manicured but it is very natural, there is a simple natural beauty about it. We enjoyed our weekend very much!

We had a beautiful waterfront campsite. I like Ft. DeSoto's booking system because you have to do it 6 months to the day you want to go and you can pick your site. I had my eye on site 133 and got up at midnight to book it! So glad that we did. The site was big, although a bit hard to get into.

The kids all got fishing poles for Christmas so they loved learning how to fish. We went out to the pier at the park and they fished on it for a while. We have two more trips coming up: Memorial Day and 4th of July!

Now my husband is really getting into the fishing....he wants a pole for himself and a canoe. We could easily launch a canoe from our campsite!

This is a view near sunset from our campsite.

From the water looking up. Really big site! We had plenty of room, and it was very private.

At low tide, the kids could really walk behind the mangroves to do some fishing.

More sunset pictures. Mark got a new camera for Christmas so he loved playing with the sunset pictures.

From the road looking down.
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